Why John Cook?

When you choose John Cook Real Estate to manage your property you are choosing a professional property management company that understands your needs. You are choosing a company that understands what it means to be an investment property owner. John Cook Real Estate puts its ‘family’ first with customer service its top priority. We’re honorable, supportive, committed, true to our word, and we continue to consistently deliver results.

Why We Are Different: 


We understand what it means to be an investment property owner. We understand that to maximise the return on your property you need a professional property manager. You need a property manager that understands your portfolio and who understands what is important to you. 

We fully understand that you are trusting us with an asset worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars, we understand the importance of your rent being paid on time and in full, we understand that you want to minimise outlays while maximising your income, we understand the importance of keeping you informed. 

Experience and Expertise 

Our team consists of highly experienced professionals with many years of property management experience. 

We consistently invest in training and technology to ensure that our team is at the peak of the industry and able to offer outstanding service to our owners at all times. 


We understand that you need to be kept aware of all developments affecting your property.  Our team is accountable for keeping you informed at all times. It is regularly reinforced in our training sessions and documented in the procedures that we operate by. 

Please contact our team if you would like an appraisal or assistance in any way.